Nobody knows you better than yourself.

After many years of experience we keep on being surprised by the many ways existing of being excited and delighted by the places and events in Italy.
The experience taught us that a universal travel formula doesn’t exist and that the traveler’s needs and expectations are, in their incredible diversity, the foundation of the travel.

We can't guess which are your needs or what is better for you.
And we don't even have the arrogance to do so. has been created thanks to this new perspective that puts you completely in the centre of the experience.

Thanks to this new tool you will have the chance to be the real organizer of your trip, with your choices and preferences.

You will indeed assemble your trip, starting from an idea that you will find in the “Home”, and “Vacation ideas” section, or by sending us a new one  on “Special Wishes”.
In each proposal you can select not only “Hotel”, “Performances”, and your point of view in “Tickets”, but also tours, special visits, and other authentic experiences.
If you've run out of inspiration we will propose you “Turnkey” solutions: already outlined travels that are only waiting your final touch to come alive.

Anyway, if you need support or if you need to be advised, you will always have a Evento Italiano's experienced staff by your side.

Booking by Evento Italiano, your own tool for tours and special events in Italy.

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