Puccini Festival 2020

17 July - 23 August 2020

The Puccini Festival was born in 1930 to realize a intimate desire of the Maestro. He would has listened a time in his life one of his operas resound on the shores of the lake where he composed it. Right on that shores, 6 years after his dead, his friends put on stage for the first time "La Boheme". Since then is possible to listen the beautiful  music of Puccini from the incredible natural stage offer by the lake of Massaciuccoli.

Our trip will see you to give yourself up through the soft musics of Giacomo Puccini, we would like to show you the extraordinary beauty of the Puccini's lands and the close bond between the Maestro and it: the Villa-Mausoleum, where lie his remains, the birth home in Lucca, the places of his childhood and youth and also the town of his ancestors.

Only with us you could set out on a journey to discover who really has been Giacomo Puccini, capricious and scheming,  keen on motoring and hunting, you could enjoy his excellent music from a completely different point of view.


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